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Corks & Suspenders
Memoir of an Early Forester
by William D. Hagenstein

Corks & Suspenders is not only the story of Bill's life, but the history and politics that have interacted with our forest policies to both provide our nation with the essential building blocks of life and substance. In his book, Bill warns of a current federal harvest management-less philosophy that threatens the very core of sustainably dealing with our environmental problems and concerns.

Bill at Benson

Bill at his office in Portland, Oregon at age 86. June 2001

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"Bill Hagenstein.... is perhaps America's greatest living forester!"
- Jim Petersen Evergreen Magazine

"Bill, not only knows the history of American forestry, and it's importance to this country..... hell, he helped create it!"
- Mike McMurray, international forest photographer

Corks & Suspenders is Bill's story.... a well written, dynamic story, an integral part of America's forest legacy.

Bill not only tells his life story, but interrelates the history and importance of actively managing our forest resources to maintain and preserve this vital resource for future generations and the health of our eco-systems.

Over-protecting our forests is destroying them, what needs to be done now is to wisely manage them.

Bill also has the distinction of being one of the original signers of the document that established America's Tree Farm System.


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Excepts of Bill's Interview with Mike McMurray at Camp 18, Oregon May, 2003    (4 min. 50 sec.)

Bill Hagenstein's book  Corks & Suspenders  Memoir of an Early Forester, is now available.

(Bill)...  "The industry made a hell of a mistake when they let you retire because you use to tell the story of what we were doing in
forestry and no one's told it since."
- David Weyerhaeuser

"Bill Hagenstein is a remarkable resource who personally witnessed and influenced American forestry for most of the 20th century.  With his photographic memory and story-telling eloquence, Bill is revered for his knowledge and professional contributions to forestry--both nationally and his beloved Pacific Northwest.  Bill's Corks & Suspenders memoir is not only a must read, but also an exceptional historical contribution about 20th century forestry." 
- Gary Hartshorn, President & CEO, World Forestry Center,
Portland, Oregon


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